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Built-in kettle barbecue

Built-in kettle barbecue

Danish-made kettle barbecue in a simple and stylish design

The built-in barbecue fits the ‘Kitchen’ kettle barbecue model.
The built-in barbecue is elegant and spacious.
The high quality of the kettle barbecue is reflected in the choice of materials – stainless steel and aluminium – resulting in a beautiful finish and a long lifespan.
The built-in barbecue features a built-in thermometer This makes it easy to keep an eye on your food while it’s cooking without having to lift the lid and let the heat escape.
The patented insert collects grease and ash – and because the combustion air is preheated, performance is improved by up to 50%. The benefits are easier cleaning and lower charcoal consumption.
This, combined with the barbecue’s simple and clean lines, ensures it is easy to clean after use.

Product details:
Colour: Black and steel
Made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and aluminium
6 mm heavy-duty stainless-steel grid
Built-in thermometer
Patented insert

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Size and dimensions:
Height 41 cm, diameter 58 cm
Cooking area: Diameter 54 cm
Weight: 12 kg

15-year warranty programme

Product no.: 109 021