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  • All our charcoal is FSC-certified

martinsen® Premium BBQ charcoal

martinsen® Premium BBQ charcoal

Environmentally friendly FSC and Nordic Swan Ecolabel charcoal.

 The taste of summer is the taste of barbecued food under the open skies.  Barbecuing with real charcoal imparts a uniquely authentic flavour to the food  while giving off those familiar and lovely barbecue smells.  
 All our BBQ charcoal is made from FSC-certified hardwood. Our charcoal also  carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. For us, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a seal  of quality in terms of caring for the environment. Our charcoal meets strict  requirements aimed at minimising its climate impact and making us an important  part of the green transition.  
 The charcoal is easy to light and quickly produces a lot of heat, and  continues to do so for some time. If you want a more even and low heat, we  recommend our charcoal briquettes.

Product details:
FSC-certified hardwood
Certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
100% natural product
Premium quality

Weight: 5 kg

Product no.: 150 001