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  • All our charcoal is FSC-certified

martinsen® Disposable barbecue

martinsen® Disposable barbecue

Disposable barbecue with FSC-certified charcoal for trips in the great outdoors.

The disposable barbecue is perfect for cooking on the go. Whether you’re enjoying spending time on the beach, an excursion or a fishing trip or off camping. The small and convenient disposable barbecue is easy to use and ready for grilling in just 20 minutes. All you need are matches to light it and delicious raw ingredients for grilling. All our BBQ charcoal is made from FSC-certified hardwood, guaranteeing that it comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

Product details:
Aluminium tray with firelighters and charcoal FSC-certified charcoal.

Size and dimensions:
Height 5.5 cm, width 25 cm, length 32 cm
Weight: 0,7 kg

Product no.: 150 100