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Charcoal holder

Charcoal holder

The charcoal holder is an accessory that fits the martinsen® kettle barbecue models 1400, 1500, 1800 and ‘Kitchen’.
The two charcoal holders are perfect barbecue accessories when you need to control the heat from charcoal or briquettes for indirect barbecuing. The charcoal holders are placed at the sides of the kettle barbecue, where they distribute the heat perfectly. Once the charcoal or briquettes are burning properly in the charcoal starter, they can simply be tipped into the charcoal holders and the barbecue is ready for use. You can then cook a tasty steak, a whole chicken, spare-ribs or something else entirely.
The charcoal holders also make it easier to remove charcoal or briquettes from the barbecue after use. When you want to reuse the charcoal, it is ready in the holders for your next barbecue.

Product details:
Made of aluminised steel
The charcoal holders are supplied in sets of two
User-friendly design

Size and dimensions:
Height 7 cm, width 10 cm, length 32 cm
Weight: 1 kg

Product no.: 120 155