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  • All our charcoal is FSC-certified

martinsen® premium charcoal

martinsen® premium charcoal

  • FSC® - Sustainable grilling with a clear conscience


Nothing beats the taste of food cooked over real charcoal. It adds a fabulously authentic grill flavour to the food, and the charcoal lights quickly and easily, and stays hot for a long time. Charcoal is particularly suitable for grilling at high temperatures. If you want to grill or barbecue for many hours at an even, lower temperature, use our charcoal briquettes. All our charcoal is made from FSC-certified hardwood. The FSC certification programme guarantees responsible and sustainable forestry operations. 


  • 100% natural product made from hardwood
  • Premium restaurant quality
  • Fast ignition and high heat


Weight 5 kg
Product no. 150 001

74.00 DKK
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