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Spit 42 and 50 cm Box barbecue

Spit 42 and 50 cm Box barbecue

The martinsen® Spit is an accessory which is designed for using with the box barbecue models 7000, 7100 and 7200.
It consists of two stainless-steel rotisserie forks and practical wooden handles.
Use this smart spit when barbecuing delicious meals for family and friends. It is suitable for chicken and other meat which needs rotating.

The martinsen® Spit is easy to use. On the box barbecue, the grid can stand vertically so that charcoal can be placed between the grid and the back plate. Then simply fit the spit, and you can start barbecuing. Before long, a delicious, crisp and succulent roast chicken will be ready to be served.
The spit is reusable, easy to store and easy to clean.

Product details:
Made of stainless steel
Supplied with two rotisserie forks and wooden handles

Size and dimensions:
Length 62 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg

Product no.: 130 105