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Spare-ribs holder

Spare-ribs holder

Prepare delicious, crisp and juicy spare-ribs on the barbecue with the martinsen® Spare-ribs holder. The holder can also be used for chicken thighs etc.
The ingenious holder has space for up to four rows of meat, which is evenly barbecued on all four sides. The practical holder also allows you to easily baste the meat with marinade while barbecuing.
The spare-ribs holder is made of stainless steel, a strong and long-lasting material.
The spare-ribs holder can be reused time and again, and is easy to clean in the dishwasher after use.
The spare-ribs holder is suitable for all martinsen® kettle barbecues and gas barbecues. It can also be used indoors in your regular oven.

Product details:
Made of stainless steel

Size and dimensions:
Height 8 cm, width 27 cm, length 29 cm
Weight: 0,8 kg

Product no.: 120 141