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Twistbread skewer

Twistbread skewer

Stainless-steel twistbread skewer.
Use this smart twistbread skewer for cosy barbecue evenings. The skewer is a great accessory for the fire pit and outdoor fires in general. It is ideal for twistbread, or use it for composing your favourite barbecued side dishes and vegetables and roasting them over the fire. The double skewer design helps to keep the food securely in place. The skewer is also easy to lift and turn, ensuring the food is well barbecued on all sides.
The twistbread skewer is reusable, easy to store and easy to clean.

Product details:
Made of stainless steel
Made in Denmark

Size and dimensions:
Length 79 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg

Product no.: 120 018