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Rotisserie 4 burner gas barbecue

Rotisserie 4 burner gas barbecue

Fits the martinsen® gas barbecue model 4000 and 4500.
With the spit and motor, you can easily cook a crisp and tasty chicken or joint on the barbecue. The spit and motor automatically rotate the meat under the lid and ensures it is evenly cooked. Consequently, you don’t have to stand next to the barbecue and can spend time enjoying the company of your friends and family instead.
The spit and motor is solidly made of stainless steel. It is easy to assemble, handle and to clean after use.

Product details:
Included: Two rotisserie forks and 230 V motor with 1.25 m cable
Made of stainless steel

Size and dimensions:
 Skewer length: 89 cm
Weight: 2,2 kg

Product no.: 160 200